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Drug and Alcohol Detox Centres in the UK

We offer the most cost effective rehab and detox centres available in the UK. Residential private rehabilitation should be assessable for everyone who is suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Our residential rehab centres for drugs and alcohol are not over crowded and in fact some of our centres only have a max of 6 people at one given time. We offer programmes from 10 days to 24 weeks. Our most popular programmes are from 4 and 12 weeks, but the choice is yours.

Our centres are based all around the UK, so we will have a centre near you. In some cases, it is not always best to have a centre too close to where you live, so we are happy to offer you centres elsewhere if necessary. Our team is here 24 hours a day, everyday, so why not give us a call for some friendly help and advice. Call: 07811 606 606

Home Detox Programmes

We understand it is not always possible for everyone to come into residential rehab, mainly due to family commitments, or business commitments etc, so we also offer a highly supported home detox programme with a 24 hour helpline back to our detox nurses, and our detox nurses will also call you a minimum of 4 times a day during medication times to make sure you are comfortable with your detox.

What we offer

What we offer is a drug or alcohol detox, (or both), rehab, primary care, secondary care, aftercare, plus we included with all our drug and alcohol rehabilitation programmes is a tailored medical detox  to make sure your detox from your substance misuse, is done in a medically safe way. Call now for free confidential help and advice.

Our Costs

I am always asked this question early on in most conversations, “How much does it cost?”, hence I am adding this part to the website early on. We are among the most affordable 5% in the UK for the treatment we offer, and have a 85% long term success. Don’t get me wrong, detox costs are important but should not be the reason why you choose a rehabilitation centre. We understand this, and we are happy to offer others detox centres which more suited to your needs, but still very affordable.

For our comprehensive residential detox and rehab programme, our prices start from as little as £2,995 for a 10 day detox and rehabilitation, and for our home detox programmes, these are set at one price of just £1,295 and this is available anywhere in the UK, with no extra costs or hidden charges. We have an 85% long term success rate on our residential rehab centres. We are here 24 hours a day and welcome all the calls we get.